VIRAL: Low number in 12th, the landlord did not give the house on rent, the matter went viral


VIRAL: 12वीं में आए कम नंबर मकान मालिक ने नहीं दिया किराए पर घर, मामला हुआ वायरल

Landlord refused to give room Image credit source: Pixabay

Nowadays, if seen, finding a house or flat in big cities is a big task in itself. People easily get jobs in big cities, but when it comes to finding a house, even the toppers of the class fail here, because some do not get a good tenant and some find a landlord, where both are found, that moment is auspicious. not less than There are many such stories on the social media where the landlord and the tenant keep on fighting. One such case has come to the fore from Bengaluru in Karnataka. Where the landlord refused to give the house only because the tenant was not good in school.

It is said that your marks in school do not tell the world about you, but your hard work. By which you prove the world right or wrong. Even though this number may not affect you in your career, but if you want a good room, then you will have to get good numbers too. Something similar happened with a tenant in Bangalore whose numbers came down and he could not find a room to rent. The screenshot of his talk is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. After seeing which you will be surprised.

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A screenshot of a chat was shared on Twitter with an account named @kadaipaneeeer. In which he told that his brother could not get a room for rent in Bangalore only because of low marks in class 12th. According to the screenshot, this talk is going on between a broker named Yogesh and Brajesh. In which the broker tells that your profile has been approved by the landlord. Now all you need is some documents. In which 10th 12th mark sheet, LinkedIn/Twitter profile and company’s offer letter Vagra-vagra..!

After sending all these things, a message comes to the broker’s yoga that the landlord has canceled your profile because you had 75 percent marks in 12th… while they want a tenant with 90 percent marks. Sharing the screenshot of this chat, Shubh wrote, ‘Marks may not decide your career but it is definitely certain that if your marks are bad then you will not get a house on rent in Bengaluru.’ This tweet became viral in the world of internet. After which people trolled the landlord.

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