VIRAL: Man danced pizza dough on his fingers, people said – ‘Brother has amazing control’


VIRAL: शख्स ने ऊंगलियों पर नचाया पिज्जा डो, लोग बोले-

shocking viral video Image Credit source: Twitter/@TheFigen_

Every day some or the other video remains in discussion among the people on social media. Sometimes these videos remain in discussion among the people. Many times we laugh after seeing those, while sometimes we get to see something that surprises us. But other than these some videos are like this. Seeing whom makes our day. One such video has become a topic of discussion even these days. After seeing which once, surely your mind will be filled.

There is absolutely no dearth of skilled people in the world. The talent of many people is so tremendous that after seeing which people press their fingers under their teeth. Now watch this clip itself where a man presented his talent on the street like this. After seeing which everyone is surprised because here a street food vendor is tossing the dough of pizza in such a way as if it is a boomerang! The speed with which he throws the dough in the air and the manner in which the dough comes back to him is amazing.

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watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that a street food vendor has put a plastic transparent mask on his face and is preparing a big pizza. For which he has prepared the dough according to his own and when he prepares it, he tosses it in the air and throws it far away. Which comes back to him in a few seconds. Looking at this scene, it seems as if there is a sensor inside it and this vendor is controlling it!

This video has been shared on Twitter with an account named @TheFigen_. Which has been seen by more than 75 lakh people till the time of writing the news. People are not only watching this video but also fiercely sharing it with each other and giving their feedback by commenting.

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