Viral: Man seen working on laptop in cinema hall, people said – the saddest video ever


Viral: सिनेमाघर में लैपटॉप पर काम करता दिखा बंदा, लोग बोले- अब तक का सबसे दुखद वीडियो

Man Working On Laptop In Theatre: In a video going viral on social media, a man is seen working on a laptop while watching a movie in a theatre. The video has been viewed more than 6 lakh times so far.

Man seen working on laptop in theater

Image Credit source: Instagram/@bangalore_malayalis

When Corona was creating havoc in the world, then people’s life was confined to the boundary wall of the house. School, college, business, office… everything started running from home. Said ‘work from home’. Since then, many interesting pictures related to work from home have gone viral. Even people were found working on laptops in the wedding mandap. But now the video that has gone viral, we bet you have not seen anything like it before. In the video, a man is seen sitting with a laptop in the theatre.

In the video going viral, you can see a person working on a laptop in the theatre. However, the film has not started yet. But seeing the laptop opening like this in the cinema hall is nothing less than a shocking thing. Now this amazing scene has been recorded by someone present in the theatre, which is fast going viral. It is being claimed that this video is from a cinema hall in Bengaluru.

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Watch here video of man working on laptop in theater

This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram on April 10 on an account named bangalore_malayalis. The user has given the caption, this can be seen only in Bengaluru. Till the time of writing the video, the video has been viewed more than 6 lakh times, while about 43 thousand people have liked it. Apart from this, many people have given feedback.

A user has written, the deadline must have come for the poor. At the same time, another user has written, I myself am from Bangalore and am stuck in such a situation. Another user has written, this must be one of the saddest videos.

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