Viral mysterious creature video on social media! Comparing Spider-Man to Venom


Bangla Hunt Desk: In this maya world many mysterious creatures are seen, which are very rare. That's how an animal's video is going viral on social media. A mysterious creature is seen in that video. Viral video of that creature is attracting a lot of people. Even many are comparing that jib with the aliens (aliens) from the planet Venus.

In that video, everyone is responding as they do. Many have even said that alien Venom, a martyr movie's dangerous, has come down to earth. This video was uploaded two weeks ago. Since then, many have been responding to the video themselves. The video was uploaded by Twitter user @sunnyarkade. Posting the video of the mysterious creature, he asks, has anyone seen such a creature? Know what it is? You can watch that video at the link below.

Since the video has surfaced, many Twitter users have been comparing Spider-Man 7 and Venom to aliens in the movie. In that second video, a black creature of a strange type is seen on a stone. The young man, who made the video, uses a knife to try to separate the animal.

1.5 million people watched the video after sharing it on the microblogging platform. And thousands of people are eagerly commenting on themselves. When many people watch that video, Alien shares Venom's GIF. They say that these animals can be aliens. One Twitter user wrote, This is clearly Venom. We've seen a lot of this before, and don't want to see aliens anymore.

According to CBR, it's actually a Bootlace warm. It is one of the tallest creatures on earth. These animals can grow up to 5 feet tall. This organism contains a toxin, which can help it eliminate the prey.

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