Viral: People were celebrating the birthday of the lioness, did the act of monkeys; watch video


Viral: शेरनी का बर्थडे मना रहे थे लोग, कर दी बंदरों वाली हरकत; देखें वीडियो

When people behaved like monkeys with a lionessImage Credit source: Twitter/@vikare06

Lioness Viral Video: You must have seen pet lovers celebrating the birthday of dogs and cats many times, but have you seen anyone celebrating the birthday of a ferocious lioness? If you haven’t seen it, watch it now. However, during this time people do something with the lioness, seeing which you will also say – this lioness turned out to be virtuous, otherwise she would have reached Yamraj by now. This Video People are shocked to see the clip.

In the video going viral, a lioness is seen sitting on the floor, while some people are kneeling around her. You can see the cake in the hand of only one of them. Looks like they are all about to celebrate the birthday of the pet lioness. The very next moment the person smears the cake on the face of the lioness. Now you will think that this man has gone to Yamraj. But people are stunned to see the way the lioness reacts. For now, watch this video.

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See here, when people behaved like monkeys with lionesses

This video of people doing monkey-like acts with a lioness was shared on Twitter on May 11 with the handle @vikare06. There are more than 3.4 lakh views on the video so far, while 1,347 likes and 150 retweets have been received. Apart from this, people have commented fiercely.

A user says, Brother, its punishment is no less than death penalty. Look at that too with whom she has misbehaved. At the same time, another user has commented, the patience of the lioness is commendable. At the same time, another user has written, this is it, only a cultured person can control his emotions like this. In my view this is the best animal from today.

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