viral photo: Netizens plead for help in sewing food at Sealdah station

Viral pictures or videos often change lives. With the help of viral videos or photos on social media, overnight popularity becomes difficult as well. Again, this video changes lives. Baba Ka Dhabar Kanta Prasad from Ranu Mandal of Ranaghat. The fortunes of many have changed due to the wealth of Netpara.

Recently, a number of such requests for help have been posted on Netpara by a Facebook page. This page named Dimbhat has posted several pictures of a small one. Wearing a yellow T-shirt, Khude is seen selling jhalamuri.

The caption of the photo says, ‘Name – Mohammad Noor (12 or 13 years old). Get on the South Line from Sealdah. No parents 😞 Max survives and earns his own living, occasionally spices again. I'm not telling anyone to help, if you can, do some shopping from them. ‘

The picture has gone viral since it was posted on social media. Many have expressed sympathy for the boy. Again, many have told Kurnish about this fight. Some netizens have also promised to help people.

Banglahunt did not judge the authenticity of the picture or post.