Viral Ranu Mandal is giving rations to the needy people in the lockdown


BanglaHunt Desk: After a long time, the name of Ranu Mondal came up in the news. Many memorable events have happened in 2017. But not without putting one's name on that list. He is Ranu Mandal. Towards the end of last year, he was left alone on social media. Everyone's eyes were filled with tears when they saw the change in his incredible destiny. The first playback also gained a lot of popularity. But then the rhythm falls. Ranu became the laughing stock of netizens at different times for different reasons.
Once again the limelight has fallen on Ranudevi. Not a new meme, but a shower of praise on Ranu this time. Sitting at home, he extended a helping hand to the poor people of the neighborhood. Ration arrangements have been made for the helpless in the lockdown.

Ranu has taken this initiative by joining hands with some people of the neighborhood. He has arranged free rations for the poor and helpless people in the neighborhood. He is supplying rice, pulses, potatoes and other necessities from home. In his words, God has given him so much. In return, he also wants to stand by the people in this epidemic.
Ranu also appealed to everyone to come forward to face Corona. In this context, Ranu said, “Where there is love, there is God. The fruit of honesty is never in vain. When people do good deeds, they will never get the fruits. ”

Ranu Mandal used to live a nomadic life at Ranaghat station. Lata used to sing Mangeshkar's songs with ease. That song went viral on social media one day. Ranu got a call from Himesh in Mumbai. Now Ranu is a resident of Mumbai. Himesh Reshmi has sung in the film. His voice was also heard with Udit Narayan.
It has been heard that movies are being made about Ranu's life, songs have been tied. However, it was learned a few days ago that Ranu had returned to his home in Ranaghat from his home in Mumbai. Ranu Mandal is now under house arrest there.