Viral Reshmi Desai dancing to Hindi songs with her back completely exposed in front of the camera


BanglaHunt Desk: Thanks to the popular reality show Bigg Boss, Reshmi Desai is now a well-known name in the Bollywood industry. He used to work in television series. But Bigg Boss has elevated him to the pinnacle of popularity. The number of Reshmi's followers is also increasing on social media.
Recently, a new tiktok video of the actress has become very popular on Netdunia. She was seen dancing in a black backless dress. Reshmi was seen dancing in the remix version of the song 'Le Ya Le Ya Re'.

This video of Reshmi has become very popular on social media. Another Bigg Boss contestant, Bishal Singh, also commented on the video. Comments from friends and colleagues in the silk industry have also been seen in the video. The video has more than 5 lakh views.

Incidentally, it was known a few days ago that Reshmi lost her job due to the lockdown. He has been removed from the Nagin series. It is known that the reason behind this is the immense popularity of silk. Reshmi's pay scale is much higher than other actresses. The producers of the series do not have the ability to pay that amount at the moment.

Reshmi used to play the role of Shalaka in the Nagin series. It is known that the character will not be seen in the series. According to sources, the cast and producers have also held a meeting on the issue.