Viral: Such an incident happened with the groom during the ceremony, stars were seen during the day!


Viral: रस्म के दौरान दूल्हे के साथ हुई ऐसी घटना, दिन में दिख गए तारे!

A video is becoming fiercely viral on the Internet. It can be seen in this video that the ritual is going on and suddenly something happens that the groom sees stars in the day. While many people are surprised after watching this video, many people are enjoying it.

wedding surprise video

Image Credit source: Instagram/ annu22_sa_

In the internet world, we get to see such videos everyday. Those who laugh after seeing. So there many times we also see such videos. After seeing which we are stunned because you have rarely seen such a sight before! We not only watch these videos but also share them fiercely with each other. One such video is also in discussion among people these days. After seeing which you will definitely be surprised.

When the wedding procession does not return home with the bride, the family members keep wishing that everything should be fine because some or the other problem comes and spoils our mood and the whole atmosphere gets spoiled. Something similar was seen in this video. Where all the relatives were engaged in the wedding rituals, but during this time a wall fell and the sound of shouting started coming from all around and this occasion of happiness turned into sorrow.

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The video going viral seems to be from a village. Where the bridegroom reached with his procession and different wedding rituals are being performed and the villagers have surrounded them. A wall is also visible in front of the groom. On which people are standing and making videos. Meanwhile, a boy is making a video by keeping his phone on the stone placed in front of him and as soon as he moves a little, the balance of the stone deteriorates and another stone falls on the groom standing below. Due to which the bridegroom falls down staggering.

This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named (annu22_sa_). Till the time of writing this news, more than 87 lakh people are giving their feedback by liking and commenting. While many people found this video shocking, there were many users who seem to be enjoying it. One user wrote, ‘This sight is really surprising, seeing which anyone’s heart can work.’ Another user wrote, ‘This boy will definitely be the bride’s ex.’

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