Viral: The bride put a condition in front of the groom, kissing in front of everyone as soon as she said yes


Viral: दुल्हन ने दूल्हे के सामने रखी शर्त, हां कहते ही सबके सामने कर लिया Kiss

Viral Wedding Video: A very cute moment of the bride and groom has gone viral. In this, just before Jaimala, the bride puts some condition in front of the boy. After this, as soon as he agrees, the bride kisses him on the forehead and hugs him.

Cute moment of bride and groom went viral

Image Credit source: Instagram/@witty_wedding

Jaimala Viral Video: Whether it is wedding season or not, but social media is always buzzing with funny videos related to marriages. in some videos groom bride They are seen looting the gathering with a bang dance, and sometimes the bride wins everyone’s heart with her cute style. At present, jaymala of one Video has come to the fore. girl in it Garland Before wearing it, she puts some condition in front of the groom. Whatever happens after this is sure to put a smile on your face too.

In the video going viral, you can see the bride and groom standing on the stage for Jaimala. But as soon as the turn comes to wear the garland, the bride puts some condition in front of the groom. The guests are also surprised to see this. However, later a smile floats on everyone’s face. It can be seen in the video that the groom lovingly agrees to every condition of the girl. The bride is so happy on this that in front of everyone she kisses the groom on the forehead and hugs him.

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Watch here, this cute video of the bride and groom

People are fiercely liking this video shared by the Insta account named @witty_wedding. This video uploaded on 8th April is creating a lot of buzz. So far more than 3 lakh people have liked it. Apart from this, many people have showered their love on the cuteness of the bride by commenting.

While commenting, a user has written, Mother-in-law must also be thinking that this girl is already controlling my son. At the same time, another user has written, it will definitely be a love marriage. Another user has commented, Kitni sanskari bahu hai. Varmala is also wearing after asking.

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