Viral: The flight from Mumbai to Goa was so cheap then, 48 years old ticket of Indian Airlines went viral


Viral: मुंबई से गोवा की फ्लाइट थी तब इतनी सस्ती, इंडियन एयरलाइंस का 48 साल पुराना टिकट वायरल

A 48-year-old flight ticket from Mumbai to Goa is going viral on social media. People are stunned to see the fare then. Netizens are talking different things after seeing the old ticket of Indian Airlines.

Indian Airlines’ 48 year old ticket goes viral

Image Credit source: Twitter/@IWTKQuiz

Viral Flight Tickets: Paneer Pasanda for Rs.8, Butter Chicken for Rs.10. Why are you surprised? For the last few days, the bill of Baba Adam’s era social media Users are surprised. In this episode now 48 years old from Bombay (now Mumbai) flights to goa A ticket has gone viral, seeing the fair of which people have been thinking. Let us tell you that today you can eat a plate of Chole Bhature for as much as the ticket used to cost then.

In today’s date, if you search about flights from Mumbai to Goa, you will see ticket options ranging from Rs 1,782 to Rs 11,894. Please tell that it includes the cost of flight tickets of all types of airlines. But in the Indian Airlines ticket of 1975 that has gone viral, the flight fare is only Rs.85. Yes, you have read absolutely right. Now seeing this viral ticket, people are giving different reactions. Before that see a glimpse of the ticket.

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See here, picture of viral flight ticket

This 48-year-old Indian Airlines ticket has been shared on Twitter with the handle @IWTKQuiz. User has written, Mumbai to Goa in Rs.85. More than 12 thousand views have come on the post in a few hours. Apart from this, users are also liking and commenting. Some have even started talking about their times.

According to a user, in 1974 the fare from Mangalore to Bombay used to be Rs 280. On the other hand, another user says, in 1982, the fare from Bombay to Ahmedabad was Rs 200. Another user has written, what were those days too. This is how people are continuously commenting.

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