Viral: The girl did an adorable dance on a Punjabi song, the public was stunned by the cute acts


Viral: बच्ची ने पंजाबी गाने पर किया मनमोहक डांस, क्यूट अदाओं पर मर मिटी पब्लिक

Girl Dance Video: This video of a school girl dancing on a Punjabi song is making rounds on the internet. So far it has been viewed more than 70 lakh times, while about five lakh people have liked it.

Schoolgirl won hearts with cute expressions

Image Credit source: Instagram/@allidoisfun

School Girl Dance Video: These days a video of a girl dancing in school uniform is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this, the girl has won the hearts of the internet public with her cute expressions. Girl sings Punjabi song in viral clipBhabho Kehndi e Singha Velna Liya‘ can be seen dancing. These Video Enough to make your day. It has been viewed more than 70 lakh times so far.

The girl seen in the video has been identified as Varya. According to the person who shared the dance video, this girl is currently studying in UKG. The kind of expressions with which this girl dances in the video is worth watching. The Internet’s public has died because of his attitude. Believe me, this video is so amazing that you will watch it on loop.

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Watch here, video of school girl dancing on Punjabi song

The video of this cute baby girl has been shared on the social media platform Instagram on an account named allidoisfun. This clip of just a few seconds is making rounds on the internet. Till the time of writing the news, about 5 lakh people have liked the video. At the same time, there is a flood of people’s reactions in the comment section. Everyone is in awe of the cuteness of the baby girl.

One user has written, Hi Kini cute hai yeh bachi. Save from evil eye. At the same time, another user says, the future set of the baby is visible. Another user has commented, the more confidence the girl has, the more talented she is. Overall, the girl has won the hearts of people with her dance.

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