Viral: The magician swallowed the rabbit alive! people can’t believe their eyes


Viral: जादूगर ने खरगोश को जिंदा निगला! लोग आंखों पर नहीं कर पा रहे यकीन

Magic Trick: This video of magic trick is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Whoever saw this video, he is in thought. Because, the magician has very clearly shown himself swallowing a rabbit alive.

People were stunned to see this video of magic trick

Image Credit source: Instagram/@earth.reel

Magic Trick Video: Magic is such a game, whether children or old people like to watch it with great interest. Even knowing that it is a sleight of hand, yet seeing the magician’s trick, people are shocked as if they have seen a ghost. At present, Magic trick One such video has forced people to scratch their heads. Because, viral clip In Magician in front of people in seconds Rabbit is swallowed alive. We knew you wouldn’t believe it either.

In the video going viral, you can see that a magic show is going on, where a magician is showing his magic trick. During this, he is seen caressing a rabbit sitting on top of a cage. But the very next moment something happens there, seeing which everyone is shocked. The magician picks up the rabbit and swallows it alive in seconds. Yes, you have read absolutely right. If you do not believe our words, then you watch this video.

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See here, surprising magic trick

The video of this amazing magic trick shared on the account named earth.reel on Instagram is becoming increasingly viral. The user has written in surprise, how can this be possible? Hundreds of people have liked the clip within a few hours, while people are expressing surprise through comments on the post.

A user has written, oh brother, you have done amazing. I can’t understand how the magician did this. At the same time, another user has written, the rabbit looks fake to me. Apart from this, some users have reacted through emoji.

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