Viral: The person did a tremendous dance on the song ‘Billo Rani Kaho to Abhi Jaan De Doon…’, everyone will be happy watching the video



On the occasions of marriage or parties, there are some people who rob the entire gathering with dance. The video of one such person has caught the attention of people these days, in which he is seen dancing vigorously on ‘Billo Rani Kaho To Abhi Jaan De Doon…’.

great dance video

Image Credit source: Instagram/dumbest_man1811

If you remain active in the world of internet, then you must have understood that every day some or the other video remains a topic of discussion among the users. Then whether it is a shocking video or such videos after watching which we cannot control our laughter! Apart from all this, many times our attention goes to such videos as well. From whom we cannot take our eyes off even if we want to. One such video is in discussion among people these days. After seeing which you will definitely say that the person has amazing talent.

Whether it is about marriage or any other function, people organize gatherings only by showing dance, but many people are like this. Those who have amazing talent and what is the best thing, they know very well how to rob parties. Now just watch this video, a person is seen doing a tremendous dance in a party on the song ‘Billo Rani Kaho To Abhi Jaan De Doon’ from the movie ‘Dan Dana Dan Gol’. Surprisingly, the performance he is giving on this song has a Kathak touch in it.

watch video here

Looking at the video, it seems that on one side some program must be going on and on the other side this person attracts the attention of the entire venue when he comes to dance. Seeing his Kathak steps, it seems that he must have worked hard for this performance. Different level of confidence is visible in each and every step of the person. After seeing this, believe me, even the best choreographers of films will be surprised.

This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named dumbest_man1811. Lakhs of people have watched and liked this video till the time of writing this news and their feedback is being given by commenting. One user wrote, doing Kathak on such a song is a big thing in itself. While another user wrote, ‘Brother, the person has amazing talent and his expressions are also amazing.’ Another user wrote, ‘Jabdast performance, he has won my heart.’

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