Viral: The person threw the iPhone in the river thinking it as a fish! watch funny videos


Viral: शख्स ने मछली समझकर नदी में फेंक दिया iPhone! देखें मजेदार वीडियो

Funny Video: A very funny video is going viral on social media. In this, a person is seen taking a selfie with a fish. However, whatever happens in the next moment, you will stop laughing.

Man throws iPhone into river mistaking it for fish!

Image Credit source: Twitter/@cctvidiots

Selfie Video: smart fone It is not possible that no one takes selfies in this era. Although, selfie People are also putting their own lives at risk in the wake of this. You must have seen that some people go to the height, while some get their hands and legs broken in the pursuit of a unique selfie. For the time being, a very funny Video It has come to the fore in which a person does something while taking a selfie, which he regrets a lot. However, watching this video, you are definitely going to be drooling.

While enjoying boating, a man was so happy after catching fish that he immediately took out his mobile phone and started taking selfies. But the person had no idea that this selfie would affect him. In the viral video, you can see a man standing on a boat taking a selfie with a fish. The very next moment, instead of throwing the fish in the river, the person accidentally throws the mobile. After this, the expression of the person is worth watching. Believe me, you will stop laughing after watching this video.

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See here, when the person threw the mobile instead of the fish

This very funny video has been shared on Twitter with the handle @cctvidiots. The user has written with a pinch, he has thrown the right one. The clip of just 10 seconds has been viewed nearly three and a half lakh times so far, while users have flooded the post with likes and comments.

One user has written while commenting, O Teri. Brother threw the iPhone. At the same time, another user has written, and selfie with pulling fish. Another user has written, this is what happens when you are overjoyed. By the way, I cannot see the sorrow of this brother. Apart from this, most of the users are giving their reaction through emoticon.

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