Viral: The public was horrified to see the boy’s stunt, such comments started appearing on the video


Viral: लड़के का स्टंट देख सहम गई पब्लिक, वीडियो पर आने लगे ऐसे कमेंट

Stunt Video: Most of the users are shocked to see the stunt video of the boy. Many people are surprised to think that even after falling from such a height, the boy’s feet are absolutely safe.

People were scared to see the boy’s stunt

Image Credit source: Instagram/@parkour_tribe

Stunt Viral Video: You must have seen many amazing stunt videos that went viral in the ‘world’ of social media. But now seeing the stunt video that has surfaced, one would be forced to press his finger under the teeth. Actually, a boy in the viral clip is so amazing stunt Shows that don’t even ask. However, this video can make your heart beat faster. Because, as you are guessing. This feat is even more shocking than that.

In the video going viral, you can see a platform about 30 feet high built on the edge of the field. Where a boy is standing in a red T-shirt. The next moment the boy jumps while hitting backflips. Your heart will get scared on seeing this. Whatever happens after that, people are stunned to see it. The boy lands exactly on the ground safely. Even after jumping down from such a height, his feet remain perfectly safe. For now, watch this video.

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Watch the boy’s stunt video here

This hair-raising stunt video has been shared on Instagram by an account named parkour_tribe. More than five and a half thousand people have liked the video since it was uploaded. However, seeing the clip, everyone is left wondering.

A user commented on whether brother’s knee is saved or not. Whereas, another user says, O Bhaisaab! This is utter madness. Expressing concern, another user has written, children, do not try to copy it at all. Apart from this, some people are also questioning that from what height the man has jumped.

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