Viral: The woman did something like this on the road, seeing the public said – Aunty’s statue should be made


Viral: महिला ने सड़क पर किया कुछ ऐसा, देख पब्लिक बोली- आंटी की तो मूर्ति बननी चाहिए

Funny Video: In this video clip of a few seconds, whatever a woman does, you will be shocked to see it, then you will also be left laughing. This video is becoming increasingly viral.

People can’t stop laughing after watching this video

Image Credit source: Instagram/@ashiq.billota

Everyday thousands of videos go viral on social media. But some of them are so funny that you cannot control your laughter after seeing them. At present, some such videos of a woman have caught the attention of the people. In this, the woman does something that makes people laugh. Not only this, people have even commented that a statue should be made of Auntie ji. you also see what it is like Video In.

In the viral clip, you can see a woman passing through the road. It can also be seen in the video that two people are washing their car parked on the roadside with water with the help of a big black colored pipe. Meanwhile, the woman’s entry takes place. But the next moment whatever this woman does, even the people washing the car are shocked to see it. Now to know what the woman did, you have to watch this video. Believe me, seeing this clip, you too will be rolling with laughter.

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Watch the video of the woman here

This very funny video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram on an account named ashiq.billota. Nearly four and a half thousand people have liked the clip of just a few seconds, while many users have registered funny reactions.

One user has written, this aunty is a very down to earth lady. On the other hand, the other says that it is very difficult to meet such cultured people in today’s era. Another user quipped, never tell others about your next move. Another user has written, a statue of aunty should be made.

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