Viral: The woman ran the bike at such a place, people screamed after watching the video


Viral: महिला ने ऐसी जगह दौड़ाई बाइक, वीडियो देखकर निकल गई लोगों की चीख

People screamed after watching this video!Image Credit source: Instagram/

These days a shocking video of a woman riding a bike is going viral on social media. In fact, in the viral clip, the place where the woman is seen riding a bike, the netizens started crying. Video It can be seen that if this lady had lost control of the bike, she would have fallen straight into the ditch. Seeing this video, people’s eyes have been left wide open.

In the video going viral, a woman in a red jacket is seen sitting on a bike. The next moment the angle of the camera changes and you will be stunned to see the front view. The woman starts going down through this path. In the video, you can see that a slight mistake and the woman could have fallen hundreds of feet along with the bike. However, there is no information about where this video is from. But users are definitely talking different things about the viral clip.

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By sharing the video of woman on the social media platform Instagram, the user has asked, would you like to ride a bike here. In a few hours, more than six thousand likes have come on the video, while netizens are shocked and are registering their reactions.

While commenting, a user has written, the way to heaven is just one feet away from the place where the woman is riding the bike. At the same time, another user has commented, Brother… there can be thousand ways to die. This video is just one way out of that. Another user says, she is a woman, brother can do anything.

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