Viral: This person does typing with ‘lightning speed’, the mind will be dizzy after watching the video



The public of social media has been surprised to see the typing speed of a medicine shop employee. Some are calling it lightning speed typing, while some are not tired of praising it. Let’s see this video.

This person does typing with ‘lightning speed’

Image Credit source: Twitter/@cctvidiots

Pharmacy Staff Video: These days a video of a medicine shop employee is being seen a lot on social media. In fact, in the viral clip, this man was using the ‘speed of electricity’ on the keyboard of the computer. typing appears to be doing. now this Video But people are commenting in different ways. The surprising thing is that even after the shop is overcrowded, the person’s attention does not get distracted and he keeps on typing with the speed of a bullet.

In the video going viral, you can see an employee of a medicine shop moving his finger on the keyboard at lightning speed. The surprising thing is that the person is typing with the fingers of the same hand. It can be seen in the video that the employee enters the codes of medicines one after the other. Then his fingers start moving on the keyboard with the speed of a bullet. This video is from a city in India only. Now seeing this, the public of the internet is giving different reactions. For now, watch this video.

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Watch here, the video of the guy typing at the speed of lightning

The video of the receptionist typing at lightning speed has been shared on Twitter with the handle @cctvidiots. This 54-second clip has received more than 16 lakh views so far, while the post has been viewed more than 46 lakh times. There, there are thousands of likes and comments on the video.

People said – what a talent

A user has written while commenting, brother has failed the machine too. At the same time, another user has written, typing at the speed of a bullet. Another user has written, what a talent brother. Typing at such speed and did not press backspace even once.

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