Viral VD: Farmer invents fancy airplane to protect fields from locusts; A flood of praise in Netpara


Banglahunt Desk: To protect crops from birds, crows have been introduced in Bengal and other parts of the country for a long time. But there is no way to survive from locusts. Now the farmer invents airplanes to protect the crop from locusts. The video of this airplane is already viral on social media. Netagrikars are blessing the intellect of the farmer.

A video has been published online showing a farmer building an airplane to protect his field from swarms of locusts. Which is made with a fan blade, a plastic bottle, a can and a cardboard tail. The airplane could not fly but made a loud noise which was enough to keep the locusts away from the field.

The biggest locust attack in the last three decades has been in India. Locusts have infiltrated several villages and towns in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Invaded crop lands. Entomologists estimate that 6,000 crore new locusts will be born in India. Bengal is also not protected from locusts Many people think that this insect may be the soft target of the weather in Bengal after Amphan.

Every Bengali child has an idea of ​​how deadly locusts are from 'easy lessons'. This group of migratory insects alone is enough to bring famine to any country. Miles after miles of groups gograss the country's crop to sang. Naturally, the attack of this insect during the epidemic has caused a lot of worries in the foreheads of Indians.

A huge group of locusts has entered India from Pakistan. This group of locusts has destroyed crops in vast areas of Rajasthan. Farmers in Haryana and Madhya Pradesh are also in panic. Meanwhile, the United Nations has said that 8,000 crore locusts could be born on the Indo-Pak border next month. In the rainy season, locusts can lay eggs in India's damp environment, and by next June, they could add 6 billion new members to their team at the Indo-Pak border.