Viral video: 10 feet tall crocodile wandering on the highway! Traffic jams during the day to see the strange scenery


Banglahunt Desk: Ever heard of a traffic jam caused by crocodiles? But such incidents have actually happened. The crocodile's footpath on the highway has stopped traffic. Even people walking around with tears in their eyes when they see such incidents during the day. The video for this event is now viral (viral).
This strange phenomenon belongs to India. A scene seen on a highway near Rannod village in Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. A 10-foot-tall crocodile can be seen crossing the highway there. The local people then took the cattle out to roam.

The giant crocodile was sitting in the bushes on the side of the highway waiting for the traffic to stop. As soon as he gets a chance, he comes out of the bushes with a swaying rice. The locals were also scared to see such a giant crocodile on the highway. The traffic was stopped. In the meantime, some people also uploaded the video of the crocodile. Posting that video on social media is viral.
According to media reports, the villagers also informed the police about the crocodile's escape. But when they were late, they took the initiative and tied a rope around the crocodile's neck and took him to nearby Madhav Lake. According to locals, crocodiles occasionally move from the lake to the locality during the rainy season.

Earlier, a crocodile of the same size entered BSNL colony in Shivpuri district. Forest department personnel rescued him after trying for about an hour. In the last few months, 14 crocodiles have been rescued from nearby localities.