Viral video: 7-year-old woman is swinging on a swing like a teenager by beating her age!


BanglaHunt Desk: The song 'Dil to bachcha hadya ji, thora kachcha hadya ji' was composed for this old lady. Honestly, this grandma has shown with her finger that age is just a number. Otherwise, at the age of 6, like a 16-year-old girl, the book takes its breath away.
A video has recently gone viral on social media. The video shows an old grandmother sitting on a cradle. Tao is standing properly and swaying loudly like a teenager. There is not a trace of Voyder in his eyes.

It is known that the old woman's name is Jaya. He lives in Brahmanpalli, Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. Although 8-year-old Jaya's body age has increased, I still remember that she is still a teenager. Like his grandchildren, he still does not hesitate to swing.
This video is now going viral on social media. The netizens have been surprised to see the case of old grandmother. Some say, even at this age, it is impossible to think of such a fit truth. Again, many people say, you should not swing so loudly. It can also be dangerous.

At present, mobile phones are deeply involved in human life. And mobile means social media. Everyone from eight to eighty is now a fan of social media. It is as if the internet has bound people on all sides. Thousands of videos are shared every day on various social media platforms. Several of his videos went viral. Millions of likes and comments are made in one video.