Viral Video: As well as the roof of the house, two portions of the court, two girls playing tennis in lockdown


BanglaHunt Desk: The key to survival is to change with time, the way of life changes with time. From entertainment to sports. In the case of Corona, when the world is in lockdown, such a change is viral via social media.

In the video, two daughters have been made to the tennis court in the lockdown as well as the roof of their house. The incident took place in the city of Ligurian in Italy. A 20-second video posted by a local tennis club was shared on Facebook last Friday, news agency Reuters reported. The residents of the net neighborhood were overjoyed to see this video. Although many have commented that there is a risk of corona infection, because the corona virus can be spread through tennis balls.

Max Oliveri, the mother of one of the players, told Reuters that she made the video because her coach asked the players to share the training at home.

Naturally, in this practice, several balls fell on the road between the two houses. Yet these two girls did not give up.

Corona virus is spreading all over the world at the moment. Although America is the center of the corona at the moment, Italy is already in the grip of the corona. There is still an ongoing death march. In this situation, the question of how much tennis is free in this way is a question.

The number of people infected with the deadly virus in India so far is 16,601. 590 people died. 3252 people have recovered. 14659 people are undergoing treatment. Maharashtra is the worst affected state. So far, the number of people affected is 6.

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