VIRAL VIDEO: Boys danced in the procession, users enjoyed watching the steps


VIRAL VIDEO: बारात में लड़कों ने डांस कर उड़ाया गर्दा, स्टेप्स देख यूजर्स को आया मजा

awesome dance of baratis Image Credit source: Instagram/pandit_sunil65

Funny videos related to bride and groom, jaimala and baraat keep trending on social media. It doesn’t matter whether it is wedding season or not, people not only watch videos related to weddings but also share them fiercely with each other. This is the reason why wedding videos go viral faster than any other video. Even in recent days, a video is becoming increasingly viral. In which people are seen dancing in the procession.

We all know that our wedding is incomplete without dance. If there is no vigorous dance on the loud music of the DJ in the procession, then the marriage seems incomplete. Many people go to the wedding procession just because they can go and show their dance. Now take a look at this video in which baratis are dancing to the tunes of Amitabh Bachchan’s famous film Sharabi. After seeing which, believe me, your day will be made.

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watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that two boys are seen dancing in a procession in a strange way. While one is seen dancing in Amitabh’s character, the other is seen flaunting in a very cool way even on the female voice. In the video, the boys are doing tremendous dance while giving expression like girls. This video is really funny and the public of social media is watching it with great interest.

This strange baraati dance video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an account named pandit_sunil65. The video has been rocking the internet ever since it was uploaded. So far more than 37 thousand people have liked it and people are giving their feedback by commenting on it.

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