Viral Video: Brother started doing pushups while hanging in the metro, people said – take it, only this was left


Viral Video: मेट्रो में लटककर पुशअप्स करने लगा भाई, लोग बोले- लो कर लो बस यही बचा था

You must remember that for some time now people have been doing less and more extraneous activities in the Delhi Metro. Whose videos are becoming very viral on the Internet. In this episode, a video has surfaced these days.

metro viral video

Image Credit source: Instagram/the_rahul_gymnast

If seen in the true sense, then the world of Delhi Metro is really very strange. Not only do people travel here, but they also entertain their companions with great enthusiasm. This is the reason why one or the other video from Delhi Metro remains a topic of discussion among the people. There are many such videos on the internet, in which strange incidents of metro are captured. In this episode, a video has surfaced, on seeing which people are saying this, take it, that’s all that was left.

Often you must have seen people going to the gym… there is a very strange habit inside them. Firstly, they want to talk and listen only to the gym and secondly, wherever they get a chance, they start exercising there. If seen in the true sense, then it does not matter to the place. All they need is a chance to exercise! Now watch this video itself where a gym freak is seen doing pushups in the metro these days.

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watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that during the journey, a person starts doing push-ups by holding the handle in the metro. This stunt of a person is very perfect to see and seeing this one thing is understood that the person must have worked very hard for such a stunt.

This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named the_rahul_gymnast. Who are often seen sharing videos of gymnasts on their Instagram. Lakhs of people liked this video and crores of people gave mixed reactions to it. If someone found this video tremendous, then there were many people who said that brother, what kind of stunt is this? Apart from this, many other people also commented on this and gave their feedback.

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