Viral video: Dad didn't have the ability to buy a bicycle in the lockdown


BanglaHunt Desk: ‘There was a duck, there was a hedgehog, (I don’t understand grammar), / I don’t know how to get a‘ duckling ’when it happens.’ It is difficult to find a Bengali text that has not read this timeless poem by Sukumar Roy. A young man from Punjab made such a strange hybrid vehicle of bicycle and scooter. Everyone is surprised to see that.

It is learned that 6 boys from Punjab had taken a deposit to buy a bicycle in Lockdown. But due to financial difficulties, the father could not buy a bicycle. But instead the father and son went together to make a bicycle like their own. As a result, a scooter from the front and a bicycle from the back have been created And by riding that bicycle, Divya is walking around – the young man.

News agency ANI went viral after posting this video on social media. This video has already been watched by 60,000 net people. The video shows the young man riding a bicycle in a yellow dress and black turban. The bike of that young man named Harmonjat has already become the center of discussion in Netdunia.

A few days ago, a milk vendor used a fancy method to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. That picture went viral the moment it was posted on social media. There are many milk tanks tied to the back of the bike. He has placed a funnel in the middle of them. It is connected to a pipe. Pouring milk into that funnel, it goes straight into the buyer's bowl through the pipe. As a result, the distance between the buyer and the seller is quite large. As a result, there is almost no need to come in contact during corona infection.

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