Viral Video: Father gave such a gift on birthday, daughter cried after seeing it, people said – over acting shop


Viral Video: बर्थडे पर पापा ने दिया ऐसा तोहफा, देख रो पड़ी बेटी, लोग बोले- ओवर एक्टिंग की दुकान

Cute video of father-daughter viralImage Credit source: Instagram/@sachkadwahai

Father Daughter Cute Video: The stories of loving bonding between father and daughter are well known. It is said that daughters are the darling of the father and are very close to his heart. A father himself tries to fulfill every wish of his beloved even after being in trouble. At the moment, such a beautiful father-daughter relationship Video has attracted the attention of the people.

In the viral video, you can see a girl celebrating her birthday. There are many people present there. After cutting the cake, the father gives a big gift box to the daughter. The girl gets very excited seeing what is there in such a big gift box. After this, when she opens the gift, she cries happily seeing the iPhone in it. Then she hugs her father with great love. However, netizens are reacting differently after watching this very cute video. Before that let’s watch this video.

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Watch the video here, the daughter cried seeing the iPhone as a gift

The video has been shared on Instagram with the handle @sachkadwahai. The user has written in the caption, the reaction of the girl in the video is priceless. Till the time of writing the news, about 4 thousand people have liked the video. Some people found this video quite cute, while most of the users are saying that they found the girl’s reaction over acting.

One user has written, full gimmick. At the same time, another user says, over acting shop. Another user has written while commenting, emotions are related to things, that’s why there are tears in the eyes. Another user says, this has become too much crying.

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