Viral video: I don't like the song, the pet cat closed the girl's mouth with its paw


BanglaHunt Desk: Who doesn't love a pet? In every day's work, people take their pet with them. Videos of pets that often go viral on social media stun netizens with their intelligence and activity. One such video has gone viral recently.
As seen in the video, a young woman is singing. The pet cat is sitting next to him and listening to his song with one mind. He is singing in a very melodious voice. But the pet probably didn’t like the song. So suddenly he closed his mouth with his paw on the young woman's face. Saf explains that his songs don't look good at all.

Netizens are laughing and eating after watching this ticky video of the young lady. This video has already gone viral. Many people have said that he has a lot of intelligence after seeing this action of a pet cat. Another said that only that cat in the house is a star.

Many videos go viral on social media almost every day. Sometimes dances, songs and sometimes animal videos go viral. This includes videos of Shalikh, Tia, dogs and even goats and rhinos. Some videos bring tears to the eyes, some videos make people laugh. Again, watching a video creates a different feeling of love.
Incidentally, several animal videos have gone viral on Netdunia before. Ever seen, pictures of rhino friendship with goats. Never before has the story of the mother of the bear been seen.