Viral Video: Not a Mask, God Will Save the Life – The Tactical Star Starts on the Corona,


BanglaHunt Desk: When the coronal strain of the Corona virus started spreading across the country, the government emphasized the use of masks and sanitizers along with lockdown to prevent the spread of corona infection. By announcing all sorts of health rules, Tiktak Star declared, “Trust in Allah and not on the mask.” This time the controversial TTTK star Sami Khan himself is a victim of Corona.

Samir, however, has said he will not be able to make the tikkat once he is diagnosed with Corona-positive. He also asked to pray for her. With this, the net bang has already started in the net. The floodgates of the trolls, along with the first tikkat video he made and the tikkat video he read, were kept along.

Although the curse of Allah on the Corona virus and the five-fold prayer, there is no possibility of harm by the Coronavirus for a long time, a group of foolish fundamentalists have been preaching. Many people are being misled because of their unscientific claims. This kind of wrong propaganda is lagging behind us every day in the fight against Corona.

Every day, the number of Corona victims is jumping around the world. In India, he has not had a malarial disorder. The total number of people affected by coronas in the whole country has crossed 3. Twenty-two people died of coronas. There is no option but to be detained at this time. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or sanitizer to avoid infection. Cooperate with the Center and the States.

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