Viral video of fancy police punishment spread on Netdunia


BanglaHunt Desk: As soon as the second wave of Corona hit India, viral videos of wailing from various hospitals in different parts of the country spread on Netdunia. Medical workers were facing various problems in the medical field. Friends and neighbors from all over the world stood by India’s side to seek help.

Although the rate of infection has decreased a bit since the lockdown was issued at the present time, there seems to be no holdold among the people.
Even though a lockdown has been issued to stop the corona, there is no frown in it. By disobeying the rules of lockdown, they are going out to the roadside unnecessarily.

On the other hand, the administration is in a strong mood to regain consciousness among the unconscious people in the lockdown. Even if there is any mistake of the common people, it has become a responsibility to get rid of them. People are trying to regain consciousness in various fancy ways. One such incident took place in Jhalawar district of Rajasthan.

Recently a video went viral on social media. Where it can be seen, the policemen are making two people snake dance in the middle of the road. But this is not an expression of happiness at all. In fact, during the lockdown, the policemen patrolling the area saw them roaming the streets. Asked why they were leaving, they did not respond. And in this situation of infection, the policemen gave this fancy punishment to bring the unconscious citizen back to consciousness. As soon as this video spread on Netdunia, it went viral in an instant.