Viral video of Trina dancing with 'Girls Gang' at Bachelet Rate Party


Trina Saha is getting married to her long time boyfriend Neel Bhattacharya at the beginning of next year. The love between the two seems to have increased since the news came out. It is learned that Trina has already started her wedding shopping.

This time, before marrying the co-actresses in the serial, Trina also had a 'bachelorette party'. And what happens where there will be no dance songs in the grass? Everyone knows that he occasionally shares reel videos of the dance on social media. His sisters-in-law have also been seen joining the actress in the serial.

This time, Trina was seen dancing with her girls gang at a bachelorette party. The actress had planned the whole movie like a dance scene. They were seen dancing to the tune of popular Hindi songs. But the centerpiece of all is the grass itself. That video went viral in the middle of the moment.

Earlier, Trina was seen dancing in a catchy Hindi song dressed as a modern bride wearing a tikli on her head, vermilion on her forehead, jeans and a sweater. It is a viral moment to share that video on social media. Trina is seen rocking her waist to the beat of the popular Hindi song 'Dhatin Nach'. Next year she will marry another actor Neel Bhattacharya. Trina is seen playing the role of Gungun in the serial 'Kharakuto'.

In a recent interview with an all-India news outlet, Neel and Trina said that they are getting married on February 4 next year. Neel said that he had a conversation with Trina in 2011. That year, on Friendship Day, the two of them go on a disco. But at that time they were just good friends. Love started much later. Neel Trina said in the interview, in 2018 they can understand each other's weakness. Trinai even proposed first love on Neel's birthday.