VIRAL VIDEO: Pandit ji said such a thing before the rounds, the groom’s face was made and the bride hooted in happiness


VIRAL VIDEO: फेरों से पहले पंडित जी ने कह दी ऐसी बात, दूल्हे का बना मुंह और दुल्हन ने खुशी में की हूटिंग

Whether it is wedding season or not, funny videos related to it keep going viral on social media. In this episode, a video has surfaced in which Pandit ji is explaining the meaning of ‘phere’ to the bride and groom in Hindi.

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Image Credit source: Instagram/ shubhavivahh

Marriage, if seen, is a word on which many books and texts have been written. But those who understand even today consider it as ‘Laddu’ or ‘Aafat’. On the other hand, there are many people who call it the bond of seven births, while others call it the meeting of two souls. But what is the real definition of marriage, it is known in the mandap when pundits give knowledge on words. But sometimes Pandit ji also says something like this. Due to which the matter becomes a matter of discussion. One such Pandit ji is in discussion these days.

As we all know, in our wedding ceremony many times things happen in such a way that the bride and groom remember them forever. Now watch this video of Pandit ji which is going viral, in which during the rituals, Pandit ji says such a thing that all the people present there start laughing. Especially the bride and groom… Believe me, this video of the wedding ceremony is only of a few seconds but it is enough to bring a smile on your face.

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In the video, the bride and groom are sitting in front of the Havan Kund during the rounds. During this, both would have held each other’s hand and Pandit ji’s voice would have been coming from behind. It seems that pundits are explaining the meaning of the words in Hindi. While explaining a promise, Pandit ji says to the groom, your job is to earn and bring and give the earning to your wife. On hearing this, both of them start laughing and the bride is so happy that she starts hooting the groom while saying ‘yes-yes’ loudly.

After this, the bride insists on the groom that you should say yes to this. To which the groom says yes while laughing. After this Pandit ji says to bring his work to you and your job is to save him. On hearing this, he tells the bride and groom to listen to this too… This funny video has been shared on Instagram by an account named. Which thousands of people have liked and millions of people have seen.

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