Viral Video: Parents are obliged to tickle their daughter in the middle of the lockdown!


BanglaHunt Desk: Mobile phones are currently deeply embedded in people's lives. And mobile means social media. Eight to eight people are now fans of social media. The Internet is bound to bind people. Thousands of videos are shared daily on various platforms of social media. In the middle of it, several videos become viral. Millions of likes and comments become one video.
Now, in the age of Tiktak, the stars are all Tiktak fans. Almost every day a video goes viral. And seeing them becomes a wonder of negativity. This time, the family has gone viral, seeing the eyes of netizens.

Corona 'storm' is rampant throughout the world. One world after another has been plundered. India is also in a difficult situation. Normally a war is going on against Corona. The first round of lockdown ended yesterday, April 7. Then the second phase lockdown will start until May 1st. In this situation everyone is forced to stay home.

But there are still many people whose minds are not at home. When the opportunity arises, the escapees are escaping. The parents were obliged to tickle such a girl in the middle of the house. A video recently went viral. There, the girl is tickling and her father is standing on the back of the camera, blowing her hair through the air and occasionally removing the powder as needed. What is more important for the video's theatricality. The whole family laughs at the scandal, and the netizens are eating loot.

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