Viral Video: ‘Scooty Girl’ came waving and hit the mahout, elephant’s reaction is worth watching


Viral Video: लहराते हुए आई

People were drooling after watching this videoImage Credit source: Instagram/@earth.reel

Scooty Girl Viral Video: When you search ‘scooty girl video’ on the internet, you will get to see many such videos in which she will be seen falling down or hitting someone in a strange way. Now some such video has come to the fore, seeing which netizens have lost their laughter. Actually, in the video, Scooty girl has done such a feat, seeing which people are saying- ‘Didi’ did not make any mistake, no one will say anything. You also see this Video What is it in me that is making people laugh.

In the video going viral, an elephant and some people are seen standing on a busy road at night. You can see that one person is sitting on top of the elephant, while two other people are doing something with a rope. Meanwhile, a scooty girl comes there waving and straight hits the mahout. It can be seen in the video that the collision was so strong that the person falls far away. At the same time, you can see ‘Gajraj’ running in fear of this incident.

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Watch the video here, when the scooty girl hit the mahout

Now netizens are enjoying the scooty girl a lot after watching this video. The video has been shared on Instagram on an account named @earth.reel. The user has written, now what caption will you give to this video. Hundreds of likes have come so far on this clip, which was shared a few hours ago. Apart from this, many people have commented.

A user has written, today I came to know that even ‘Gajraj’ is scared of girls with scooty. At the same time, another user says, thankfully the elephant was not harmed. Another user commented, You people are thinking wrong, she wanted to free the elephant from the captivity of the mahout.

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