Viral Video: The bride got angry at the DJ wale babu, said- ‘This madman…’, people said – tantrums became too much ‘Didi’


Viral Video: डीजे वाले बाबू पर भड़की दुल्हन, कहा-

When the bride turned red with angerImage Credit source: Instagram/@sachkadwahai

Angry Dulhan Video: These days a video of a raging bride is going viral on social media. viral Happening. It so happened that the bride had selected a song on her entry, but at the last moment the DJ wala babu ruined her wishes. After this, the mercury of the bride becomes very high. Then the way she reacts in front of everyone is worth watching.

In the video going viral, you can see that a bride is angry with the DJ’s brother just before her entry. Looking at the family members, she says- ‘Isne se bajaya hai’. Then she says, ‘Say it instead of 1 minute 18 seconds.’ But when the song is played again, the bride’s temper becomes high. After this, she says to the DJ saying ‘Ye Pagal…’ – I will not go. The anger of the bride is worth seeing in the video.

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Watch the video here, when the bride turned red with anger

The video of the furious bride has been shared on Instagram with the handle @sachkadwahai. The user has written in the caption, ‘Don’t give money to DJ Wale.’ So far more than 4 thousand people have liked the video, while many people have reacted in a fun way.

Taking pleasure in this, a user has written, don’t go sister, a girl’s life will be saved. At the same time, another user has commented, Brother, why is this gimmick not ending. Another user has written while commenting, Hey DJ Wale Babu, play my song. Another user has written, Hey brother, at least tell me which song is that.

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