Viral video! The fire is burning on the ground, but the grass, the trees of the park intact


BanglaHunt Desk: The flame of fire is moving on the white lining lying on the ground. But the side grass, leaves, bushes and even wooden benches are intact. The shocking incident took place in a park in the city of Calahora, Spain. Four days ago, a local voluntary organization posted a video of the fire on social media. The video has gone viral at the moment. People have already watched the video 92,000 times on Facebook and 600,000 times on Twitter and Reddit.

Citing the biologists' report, the mayor of Calahora said the white coating on which the fire was seen was poplar seeds lying on the grass in the park. And this very flaming seed caught fire, it only burned the seed, not the grass on the ground. But the fire, which is spreading very fast, has not been controlled yet. Which is raising concerns of the Calahora administration.

The video shows the fire of these seeds being removed and the green grass coming out. Surprisingly, as it spreads further, there is a tree and a wooden bench in the middle. But in this fire, all this is safe. Burn only seeds.

This video was shared on Facebook 4 days ago. So far it has been viewed more than 92,000 times. It is also widely seen on Twitter. It has been watched by more than 6 lakh people so far. Some people on Twitter said it was a fire controlled by firefighters. The mayor of Kailahora, however, denied that it was planted by firemen. However, it is a matter of relief that there were no casualties or damage as a result of this event.