Viral Video: The groom did such a ‘Jhamfaad’ dance in the procession, people said – Zumba trainer has arrived


Viral Video: बारात में दूल्हे ने किया ऐसा

Agile groom’s dance video goes viralImage Credit source: Twitter/@HasnaZarooriHai

Dulha Dance Video: If there is no dancing and singing in marriages, especially in processions, then what happened? You must have seen that even those who do not know how to dance, they also flaunt their clothes in the procession. Just say that this is such a platform, where everyone’s talent gets a high flight. Now just watch this video of the groom. Brother showed such a tremendous dance that people were stunned to see his energy. you also see this Video And have fun.

In the video going viral, you can see a groom dancing vigorously with the baraatis. The groom is dancing freely on the tune of the DJ. Every step of it is worth watching. Users are stunned to see the amazing energy of the groom in the clip. It can be seen in the video that the groom does such an amazing dance that he gets crowded. During this, the groom’s friends are also seen following his every move.

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Watch the dance video of the agile groom here

This video of the groom, shared on Twitter with the handle @HasnaZarooriHai, is blowing everyone’s mind. The user has given the caption, nowadays the grooms are failing even the dancers in dancing. Till the time of writing the news, more than 60 thousand views and hundreds of likes have come on the video. At the same time, the comment section is filled with tickling reactions of the people.

One user has written, E Nachaniya hi hai. Today the bridegroom has become. On the other hand, another user has commented that when a Zumba instructor gets married, a similar scene is seen. Another user has commented, Hey brother, the groom also feels like it. I found it entertaining.

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