Viral video: The newlyweds turned around seven times while dancing, criticized on Netdunia


BanglaHunt Desk: A viral video of various moments of the newlyweds during the wedding season has been seen on social media. Netizens are sometimes emotional when they see that, and sometimes they laugh. But now that a video of a wedding scene circulating on social media has gone viral, netizens have come under fire.

Check out that video first-

In the viral video, it is seen that the newlyweds are walking around the wedding hall at seven o’clock. But what we see in ordinary times is that the bride and groom walk around the fireplace, witnessing the fire, while walking around the fire. But here it is seen that the newlyweds are walking seven paks with fire as a witness, but they are not walking, dancing seven paks to the rhythm of the song. Playing in the background, ‘Mare yaar ki shaadi hai’.

The video went viral on Netdunia, sparking a storm of criticism. Insulting the culture in this way, many are also fearing that their marriage will break up without blessing the newlyweds.

A Twitter user named Vedanta Birla shared this video and wrote- ‘Is it a wedding ceremony, or an insult to culture? Never forget that it is for our culture but we are revered by the whole world ‘.

On the other hand, Shweta Goel Sharma writes- ‘When you don’t believe, then why are you going around in seven paks?’

Another Twitter user, Rajesh Sharma, commented, “This kind of marriage breaks up very quickly.”