Viral video: The police arrived at the house of the old man who was alone with a cake and saw tears in his eyes


Bengali Hunt Desk: Corona virus infection is on the rise in the country. And to prevent this infection, lockdown has been called in the whole country till May 3. And in this lockdown, everyone has been asked to stay at home. There are also pictures of strict police lockdowns in different districts of the country.

And there are a lot of older people in this lockdown who stay away from their children. They are also prisoners in the house at this time. And in these difficult times, the police are also taking care of them. And such a video has come to the fore from Panchkula. There, police arrived at the home of an elderly man with a cake. Seeing that, tears came to the eyes of that old man.

In the video, it is seen that female and male police personnel have reached the house of Karan Puri, an old man living alone in Panchkula Sector 7. Cake in their hands. Karan Puri saw the police and came to the door and told me my name was Karan Puri. I live alone, and my children live outside. I am a senior citizen.

After Karan Puri said this, the policemen started singing Happy Birthday. Then tears came out of Karan Puri's eyes and he started crying. Then the policemen started trying to calm him down and cut the cake by sitting next to him. The policemen told him, “Uncle, don't worry, we are like your child.” Then the old man was filled with happiness.