Viral Video: The tiger got angry on seeing the car, tried to catch it while growling, women started screaming in fear


Viral Video: गाड़ी देखते ही भड़का बाघ, गुर्राते हुए की लपकने की कोशिश, डर के मारे चीखने लगी महिलाएं

Angry Tiger Video: In the video going viral, a tiger can be seen growling angrily and moving towards the safari vehicle. It has been shared by an IFS officer.

Angry tiger started running towards the car

Tiger Viral Video: A video has gone viral on social media, seeing which netizens are furious. In the viral clip, some people are seen enjoying the safari ride. But as soon as the vehicle reaches the area of ​​tiger movement, a tiger flares up. After this, while growling angrily, he tries to jump towards the tourists. Seeing this, the women sitting inside the car start screaming loudly out of fear. What happens after that is up to you. Video Let’s see in

This video is allegedly being told of Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. In the video, you can see that the movement of vehicles in his area infuriates the tiger. After this, growling angrily, he tries to threaten the tourists sitting in the car. Seeing the gesture of the tiger, it seems that he is not at all happy with his presence. But when he finds that his warning has no effect, he tries to jump towards the tourists. On seeing this, the women sitting in the car get scared and start screaming.

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Watch the video here, when the tiger warned the tourists

IFS officer Susant Nanda has shared this video on his Twitter account. He has asked people, what will you do when someone keeps trying to enter your house? The IFS has tried to explain through the video that the striped ‘sadhu’ is also irritated due to the repeated movement in the forest.

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