Viral Video: The woman was making a reel with a pistol, she was saved from dying the next moment


Viral Video: तमंचा लेकर रील बना रही थी महिला, अगले ही पल मरते-मरते बची

Shocking Video: The video of a woman making a reel with a gun has gone viral online. During this, something happens, seeing which the heartbeat of the netizens increases. Now people are talking different things about this video.

Woman lost her life while making reel

Image Credit source: Twitter/@DarwinAwards_

Woman Making Reel With Gun: The craze of making a reel and uploading it on social media has become so dominant on people that they are even putting their lives at risk. At the moment, one such video has increased the heartbeat of the people. In the viral clip, a woman tries to make a reel with a pistol. But in the very next moment his life is saved. After being shot, the woman goes into shock for some time.

This video clip of just a few seconds has left netizens in awe. In the video going viral, you can see a woman loading a mouser. You must be thinking that the magazine would be empty. But it is not so at all. The very next moment something happens in the viral clip, which will give you goosebumps. Due to the carelessness of the woman, her life could have been lost. In the video, the woman can be seen getting shocked after being shot.

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Watch the chilling video here

This video is like a lesson for everyone. Do not do any such act, which will be heavy on your life. This video is really heart wrenching. It has been shared on Twitter with the handle @DarwinAwards_. Nearly 1 million views have come on the clip of just 23 seconds, while the post has been viewed more than 21 lakh times. Apart from this, people are commenting fiercely.

One user has written, luck was good that he survived. On the other hand, another user has commented, what stupidity people do in the process of making reels, this is a living example of that. Another user has written, survived otherwise the skull would have been blown away.

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