Viral Video: Tom and Jerry, the real ones, chase the cat and leave the area without rats


BanglaHunt Desk: People who haven't seen 'Tom and Jerry' in their childhood may find millions to look for. Especially those who were born in the nineties spent a large part of their childhood watching cartoon shows. Among them is the legendary Tom and Jerry, who is now legendary. This cartoon tied the ever-evolving dietary relationship of rat and cat to cat. This time Tom and Jerry have left the TV screen and got on the ground.

A video on social media recently went viral. There was a rat and a cat. The cat crosses the road after seeing a large rat on the empty road in Lockdown. So far the scenery is normal. But then the twist was seen. As soon as the cat escaped, the rat sat on the counter. The cat was not ready for this scandal at all. Is she a jump in her rat! Rats without chasing the cat through the chase.
But this scandal is not from this country. A person shot the entire video on the streets of Lockdown. Then there was the spread on social media. Sushant Nanda, an officer of the Forest Service or IFS in India, also shared this video on his Twitter handle. The caption reads, “When a cat finds out that a rat has quid 1”. 2 More and more likes fell into the viral video.

Currently, not just humans but many animal videos are also viral on social media. Sometimes dogs, bears and sometimes tiapic videos go viral on NetDunia. And seeing them becomes a wonder of negativity. Netizens are laughing after watching this cat rat video.

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