Viral Video: Wearing saree, open hair, two beautiful legs matched with 'Rhinoceros flowers'


BanglaHunt Desk: Now there is a video trending on YouTube, 'genda phool'. Videos of this song sung by Badshah and Pavel Dev are now rotating in the mouth. But the controversy surrounding the song has not diminished. In fact, the song which he created is a man of Birbhum, named Ratan Kahar. This song, given his writing and melody, has been heard for a long time. But the creator is not named in the video. There is no acknowledgment of gratitude. After much debate, now the only mention of the Bengali Folk Sense in credit.
Since its release, Neanderta has been divided into two parts of the genital flower. According to the section, the song has become increasingly popular. Speaking of the other part, in the mindset of Bengali, the king was hurt. But in the midst of such controversy, the song continues to be practiced. Those who are passionate about getting a song that is not to be loved are very happy. Whether Jacqueline's dancestep is imitated or her own step, Bengali meets 'rhino flower'. From the star to the ordinary people are seen to match the rhythm of this song.

Another video that has recently gone viral where the two beauties have been spotted dancing on the rhinoceros flower. Both of them were seen wearing saree, dancing in open hair and dancing. The duo imitated Jacqueline's dance.

This tweet is now traditionally viral on social media. A lot of likes have fallen in this video. Incidentally, some time ago Manami Ghosh was also seen dancing with this song. The video went viral on netdunia.

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