Viral videos of 26 km of heavy plaster cut by foot, viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Deadly coronary virus has spread widely in the world. One country after another is going to this terrible virus. China, Italy, Iran crossed India and did not kill. And the central and state governments built tightly to avoid its horrors. Lockdown is happening all over the country. That is how it will hang until April 5th.
At the stop, there is mass transport, most of the shops closed. Only emergency services are open.
Almost all the people are under house arrest. But the workers of Vinraj state are trapped. Those who live in other cities in other states, in the hope of earning a living, are virtually in peril in this sudden-issued lockdown. Many do not have enough money in their hands. There is no profit from real money because no car is running. So they were forced to leave for their own homes.

One or two many walk a few hundred kilometers. The urge to return home is to forget the pain of the road. Recently a video of such a worker has gone viral on social media which has shocked the netizens. Plastering a broken leg, one cannot walk with that heavy foot. However, it has to be 20 kilometers. So Biharilal has started walking barefoot on plastics due to constraints. He works in the Piparia region of Madhya Pradesh. The house is in Rajasthan. He had to break his three fingers and ankles to work.

But he has a family at home and they have no money. So he was forced to return home with this broken leg. Video of his plaster cut on the street has now gone viral on social media. On Tuesday, the central government informed the Supreme Court that all the workers of the state had reached their state. So this video has begun to raise new questions in different places.

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