VIRAL: Wearing a black saree, the girl did a tremendous dance on ‘Halkat Jawani’, danced like this, you will forget Kareena’s moves


VIRAL: काली साड़ी पहनकर लड़की ने

Dance Viral Video: In today’s time social media has become such a platform. Which people use to show their talent, dancing, singing skills. A similar video has become a topic of discussion among people these days.

dance viral video

Image Credit source: Twitter/@WomenNoContext

If you remain active in the world of internet and roam here and there on its platform, then you must know that some or the other video remains a topic of discussion among people every day. Then whether it is a funny video or an emotional video… but apart from all this, dance videos have their own craze. These videos are not only watched by people, but are also shared fiercely. This is the reason why they go viral faster than others. One such video is in discussion among people these days.

Saree is considered a traditional dress here and handling it is a big deal in itself. Women who do not even have the habit of wearing a saree, cannot even walk properly after wearing a saree. But these days a video of a girl is going viral who is seen dancing to the song ‘Halkat Jawani’. Has been Seeing the way in which she flexed her back on the song, people are saying that Katrina is also Bhel in front of her.

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watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that a beautiful girl wearing a black saree is seen dancing on Sunidhi Chauhan’s 2012 superhit song ‘Halkat Jawani’. He tried to copy Kareena’s dance steps exactly. People can’t take their eyes off this girl who dances with joy. The style with which she is flaunting her waist even in saree is worth seeing. The killer moves, on-point expressions and attractive vibe of the girl is raising the temperature of social media.

This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @WomenNoContext. Till the time of writing the news, more than 3.5 thousand people have seen it and their reactions are being given by commenting. One user wrote, ‘The girl has really done a great job.’ While another user wrote, ‘Great dance.’ Another user wrote, ‘It was fun watching their dance..’ By the way, how did you like this dance video, you will definitely tell us by commenting.

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