Viral: You would not have seen such a video of ‘Joota Churai’, the bride was the mastermind!



Joota Churai Video: You must have seen all the videos related to ‘Joota Churai’ ritual on social media, but in the video that has now surfaced, the bride’s brother is seen stealing the shoe in a very unique way.

You would not have seen such a video of ‘Joota Churai’

Image Credit source: Instagram/@wardaasikander

Joota Churai: say thatstole the shoeThere is one such ritual, without which Indian weddings seem incomplete. You go to any part of the country, you will definitely get to see this ritual in weddings. In this, the bride’s sisters steal the shoes of their future brother-in-law and demand money from him as an omen. Now it depends on the groom how he celebrates his sisters-in-law. During this, the bickering between the groom and the sisters-in-law is very cute to everyone. For the time being, a similar Video Has caught the attention of the people, which people are liking a lot.

In the video going viral, you can see that the bride and groom are present on the stage. On the other hand, the guests are busy admiring the couple. Meanwhile, a masked man (bride’s brother) enters in an orange jumpsuit. After this he jumps and jumps straight to the groom. Then very easily steals the groom’s shoe and starts walking from there. However, to make this moment even more memorable, the brother-in-law of the groom also performs on the dance floor. Netizens are also enjoying this moment a lot.

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Watch the video of shoe theft here

The bride herself has shared this video from her Insta account @wardaasikander. The woman has written, ‘I did not want to keep anything simple in my marriage. That’s why he gave the idea of ​​stealing shoes to his sisters. After this, the brothers were asked to buy the money heist costume. The woman further told that the brothers had also practiced stealing shoes regularly.

Till the time of writing the news, about 1.25 lakh people have liked the video, while many users have commented. One has written, it was a wonderful idea. On the other hand, the other says, had never seen such a video of shoe hiding. it was fun.

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