Virat got involved in a scuffle with Dhawan and stopped looking at his face


Bengali Hunt Desk: The place of cricket in India is probably right after religion. Cricketers get the honor of superhero here. However, there are many rumors and gossip surrounding cricket. Indian dressing room is its biggest source. Let’s take a look at some such incidents

1) Huge-peak blows: Surprising but true. Two Indian cricket stars were involved in a scuffle. The incident took place in 2014, after losing the Brisbane Test on Australian soil. The issue escalated into a scuffle over an issue. If there was no Mahendra Singh Dhoni among them at that time, the matter could have gone the other way. The two Delhi cricketers had stopped seeing each other for some time after the incident. Later though that problem is solved.

2) Dawood Ibrahim in Indian dressing room: 198 Australia-Asia Cup final. India-Pakistan. Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim entered the Indian dressing room before the match. But Kapil Dev was not willing to welcome him in any way. And World Cup-winning Indian captain Kapil Dev was asked to leave the dressing room. At one time, Indian cricket was plagued by fixing. Sourav Ganguly pulled the Indian team out of that dark time. But even before him, Kapil Dev used to stand between the Indian team and corruption.

3) John Wright grabbed the collar of Birendra Sahabag: Former India coach and former New Zealand cricketer John Wright has a reputation as a cold-headed man. This is how John Wright grabbed the collar when he was the coach of the Indian team. The incident took place in 2002. The NatWest Trophy was going on in England then. In a match of the competition, Biru returned to the dressing room with a shot from Daysara Goche. John Wright was holding his collar at that time. However, the incident was not reported in any media at that time. John Wright later wrote in his autobiography. This incident was known from there.

4) Prevent match fixing: Probably the most notable event in Indian cricket in the nineties was match-fixing. Tendulkar was quite scared of fixing in a match in the nineties. He discussed the whole matter with Sourav. The two then decided to give their best to prevent match-fixing. Both of them scored centuries in that match and India also won.

5) Sourav had to leave the captaincy: Harbhajan and Yuvraj Singh were notorious for chasing cricketers in the Indian dressing room. Once they were behind the then captain Sourav. They once became very emotional and said to Dada, we don’t want to play under your leadership anymore. Sourav also became quite emotional after that. He said, “OK, if I don’t have confidence in my captaincy, I will resign.” But after Rahul Dravid revealed the matter, Saurabh chased Harbhajan and Yuvraj with the bat.