Virat Kohli put the team ahead in the T20 World Cup on home soil, not on India


Bangla Hunt Desk: At the end of this year, i.e. in October-November, the T20 World Cup is going to be held in India. Since the World Cup will be held on Indian soil this time, everyone from former cricketers around the world to cricket experts have put India ahead. Even England captain Eoin Morgan has put India ahead in this World Cup. However, India captain Virat Kohli is reluctant to accept his favorites in this World Cup. According to him, even if the World Cup is held on Indian soil, England will be ahead in this World Cup.

In a press conference on the same day, Virat Kohli said that England will be in the forefront in the T20 World Cup. The number one team in the whole world, so losing to England will be the biggest test. I think other parties will agree with me. Everyone has started thinking about England. No matter what they say, the fact is that England will start ahead of the rest in this World Cup.

“We want a T20 specialist X Factor in our squad before the World Cup starts,” Kohli said. Who will help the team by batting in T20 style when needed. That is why we are paying special attention to the upcoming T20 series. At the same time, Bhubaneswar Kumar, who returned to the team after a year of injury, has been praised by Virat Kohli. “It’s very important to have one of our best T20 bowlers in the World Cup squad,” Kohli said. It is good to see him, he has greatly improved his fitness. In the coming months, Bhubaneswar will play an important role in India’s victory. ”