Volkswagen Tayron: Volkswagen will bring new SUV in India, a total of 7 people will be able to ride


Volkswagen Tayron: फॉक्सवैगन भारत में लाएगी नई SUV, कुल 7 लोग कर सकेंगे सवारी

The Volkswagen Tayron can be introduced to replace the 7 seater Tiguan AllSpace. However, the upcoming car will be quite different from the 5 seater Tiguan. Let’s talk about the features of the upcoming SUV.

Volkswagen Tayron

Image Credit source: Volkswagen

The legendary automobile company Volkswagen is planning to launch a new three-row SUV. Upcoming SUV Name Volkswagen Tayron And 7 people will be able to sit and travel in it. company new suv to the car Skoda Kodiaq Will prepare with the next generation model. According to the reports, the Teron SUV will be offered as a replacement for the existing 7 seater Tiguan Allspace. However, there will be a lot of difference between the new car and the 5 seater Tiguan.

Volkswagen’s upcoming SUV car can also be launched in India. The Tiguan AllSpace was introduced in 2020 in the country. However, this car could only be imported. The Teron, on the other hand, can be assembled in the country. That is, the car is expected to be brought through the CKD route.

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Volkswagen Tayron: 7 Seater SUV

Volkswagen already sells SUVs under the name Terron. It is a left-hand drive car and measures 4.6 meters in length. This model comes with a 5 seater option and is sold only in the Chinese market. However, the new model of Teron will be bigger and will be sold in the global market. In this, one seat row will be available separately, that means you will get the facility of 7 seater option.

Volkswagen Tayron: Unique Style

The manufacturing of the 7 seater Teron will be done in Germany. From there the car will be exported to other markets. The European car company will pay a lot of attention to the looks of the upcoming Terron. The styling of the Teron will be completely new as compared to the Tiguan 7 seater. The difference between the two cars will be easily visible with the unique styling.

Volkswagen Tayron: Launched in India?

Production of the Volkswagen Teron will begin in Germany in 2024. It can be launched in India in early 2025. Actually, assembling the parts and components for exporting CKD kits takes a lot of time. The car company has already imported the T-Roc and the Tiguan AllSpace in India in a similar manner.

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