VVS Laxman dismissed Clark's remarks on slamming Kohli.


A few days ago, former Australian captain Michael Clarke claimed that now Australian cricketers are scared to slam Indian cricketers when they play with India. The only reason is that the fear of Indian cricketers losing their IPL game will be lost. Former Indian cricketer VVS Laxman has replaced former Aussie captain Michael Clarke. VVS Laxman criticized Clark and said that no one ever gets a chance in the IPL by befriending Indian cricketers, the qualification is needed to get a chance in the IPL.

Receiving Aussie captain Michael Clarke said in a variety of body language, the morale of the opposition cricketers is being broken by various words, a long-standing feature of Australian cricket, which is called sketching in cricket. Azira has been using this method for a long time. But recently it has been seen that when India captain Virat Kohli went down to bat, Ajira did not sled that way. The reason for this is that Clark has said that if sledging Indian cricketers lose their IPL coordination, Azira does not slay Indians anymore.

In view of Clark's comments, VVS Laxman said that I have been at IPL auctions for a long time, and from that experience I am saying that when used well with Indian cricketers, nobody gets a chance in the IPL. Seeing the IPL franchise shot for a cricketer, how useful is that player to his team, how important that player can play in winning the team. He was also taken on the basis of the statistics of the cricketer. Only when used well, nobody gets a chance in the IPL.

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